Preaching Plan

Commmunion is shared on the third Sunday of the month during the service.



5th    Ignite Family Service

12th  Galatians 5:1-6      In Christ you are free                       Linda Ayers

19th  Ephesians 2:8-10   Saved by grace for good works         Steve Ayers

26th  Psalm 91              A Prayer of Confidence                      Sarah Taylor



5th    Ignite Family Service

12th  Psalm 32          A Prayer of Confession                          Dawn Brown

19th   Tearfund guest speaker                                                                  

26th   Psalm 42         A Prayer of Thirst                                  Steve Ayers



2nd     Ignite Family Service

9th     Psalm 98        A prayer for the world                            Paul Venn

14th   Good Friday                                                               Steve Ayers

16th    Easter Sunday                                                                  Steve Ayers