Preaching Plan

Commmunion is shared on the third Sunday of the month during the service.



7th    Ignite Family Service

14th  Matthew 24:36-51  A disciple and their time                  Dawn Brown

21st   Bible Society                                                             Heather Clements

28th  Matthew 25:14-30  A disciple and their work                 Paul Venn



4th    Ignite Family Service

11th  John 15:1-17          A disciple keeps on growing              Sarah Taylor

18th  Acts 1                   The gospel continued                        Steve Ayers           

25th  Acts 2                   Power to the people                          Steve Ayers



2nd     Ignite Family Service

9th     Acts 3                 A jumping jew in Jerusalem               Steve Ayers

16th   Acts 4                 Faith on trial                                     Steve Ayers

23rd   Acts 5                   The highs and lows of church life         Paul Venn                  

30th    Acts 6                   Deacon in danger                                Dawn Brown